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Here you will find all your revision needs for the 2014 VCE Further Mathematics Exams.

We know this is a busy time in your life so we have put together some amazing resources that will assist you with your SAC revision and exam preparation. By signing up to one of our three-hour seminars, you will gain access to these fabulous tools.

We understand how difficult it is to stand out in alternative holiday programs as there are often over 100 other students to compete with. That's why we cap our classes at a maximum of 15 students per session. This ensures that all your questions and concerns are addressed in a safe and supportive environment. 

Come and try one of our sessions in Melbourne or Geelong during the coming holiday period. Simply go to VCE Holiday Sessions drop-down menu and click on the location of your choice to sign up. 

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Presenter: Mary Treuel


  • Bachelor of Mathematical and Statistical Science
  • Bachelor of Secondary Teaching
  • 8 years VCE tuition experience